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Revitalizing Target Center to entertain until 2032
Target Center Exterior

Target Center 2032?

Target Center is a valuable City-owned community asset that has been heavily used for 25 years. It hosts 200 events per year and is the 6th busiest building in the nation, attracting 1.2 million visitors from the entire upper Midwest. Target Center has been a tremendous economic boom for Minnesota for two decades, but it's no longer competitive in the marketplace. Fortunately, we can restore its competitiveness for one-third the cost of a replacement facility.

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With a new design, Target Center will not only look top-of-the-line, but will deliver a top-notch fan experience. Fans can expect improved eating and drinking options, more premium seats, a new restaurant with a stunning view or Target Field and better clubs. These are the kinds of things that create a great terrific visitor experience and restore financial sustainability. The redesigned look will match the rejuvenated downtown and continue to make Minneapolis a hot spot for entertainment.

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Renovation Fast Facts

Did you know that more than $100 million dollars every year in our local economy that would not exist without Target Center? Find out all the numbers and facts behind the Target Center Renovation movement. The next few months are a critical time for the Target Center Renovation. We need to invest in renovation now to avoid the need to spend three times more on a replacement facility later.

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